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Scriptural Encouragement for your Choir

The biblical principle of praise is one of the most important principles of the Kingdom of God. When choirs praise God, miracles happen. Praise shows honor and respect to God. To praise God is to "salute Him"

Choral Music Producing and Directing

The Christian Music of the coming millennium will not be music to just show forth a spirit of celebration, but rather the music of God; anointed for the purpose of piercing our very being with the message.
Praise and Worship Seminars Worship is not just music or a song. Our worship is our lives presented to God as living sacrifices each day. We worship Him in and by His Spirit within us. It's not just a song that pleases God, but our lives lived wholly unto Him.
How to be "spiritually" in tune! The music ministry is a special gift whereby the Spirit enables Christians to praise God through various forms of music and enhance the worship experience.
How Traditional & Contemporary music should be used in Church Nothing you do will have as much impact on your congregation's worship life as developing a solid worship repertoire. No easy assignment, especially when you consider that musical options now run into the thousands. The purpose of the music ministry is to lead people into worship with God so that His heart is moved and he focus is on God Himself
Music: Performance or Praise? Your music ministry: Is it about God, or about you?  "I beg you ... to live and act in a way worthy of those who have been chosen for such wonderful blessings as these" (Ephesians 4:1)
To Choreograph
or not.
A vehicle ideally suited to enhance your delivery. Creative activities directly related to musical expression.
For Musicians: How and When to Accompany! Musicians should not use worship service as a time to try out new techniques or learn the music. Remember, it is better to be asked up, then to be asked down.
Steven cheerfully shares and provides helpful information that will encourage, inspire and stimulate you and
your choir through music.  He also shares information on:

Songwriting - Music Publishing - Getting Your Songs Recorded
How Income Is Generated - Split Publishing - Songwriter Collaboration
Performance Rights Organizations - Sheet Music Sales and Distribution
Royalty Income: Mechanical, Performance, and Sheet Music
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