Awards and Achievements
Year Event Award Song City
1982 American Song Festival      Grand Prize   “He’ll never let you down”  Los Angeles
1983 Music City Song Festival   Grand Prize   “Nobody but Jesus”   Nashville, TN
1984 International Song Competition Grand Prize “Nobody but Jesus”   Hollywood, CA
1984  Songwriting/Publishing Contract   (Sound of Gospel) Southfield, MI
1985 Grammy nominee  (Vanessa Bell) “Nobody but Jesus”   Los Angeles
1985 SESAC Penmanship Award “Nobody but Jesus” New York, NY
1985 “Songwriter of the year” Nominee Gospel Excellence “Nobody but Jesus” New York, NY
1986 Hall of Fame Northern Calif. Academy of Gospel Music  Oakland, CA
1989 “Key to the City”                    Austin, TX
1990 “Key to the City”                    Omaha, NE
1990 Grammy Nominee (Rev. Daryl Coley)  “He’ll never let you down” Los Angeles
1990 SESAC Penmanship award “He’ll never let you down” New York
1991 Composer/Collaborator w/ playwrite Joyce Carol Thomas for Musical  “When the Nightingale Sings”  World Premier opened Sept. ‘91 Clarence Brown Theater  Knoxville, TN
1991 Louisiana Mass Choir Special Recognition Lake Charles, LA
1992  Interviewed for PBS documentary “Wade in the Water”  produced by Dr. Bernice Reagon

Elma Hendricks Award for “Music Publishing” presented by the GMWA for moat songs recorded by the GMWA Mass Choir most            

Chicago, IL
1992 Interview and Performance - NBC affiliate Morning Show                             Oklahoma, OK
1993 Voted full member:  National Music Publisher’s Assoc.         New York, NY
1993 Producer / NorCal Mass Choir GMWA “Wait on the Lord” 
Oakland, CA
1993 AT&T/ Smithsonian Institute Award  Contemporary Legend Los Angeles
1993 Stellar Award nominee (Rev. Fleetwood Irving) “Something Within”
Tandem/South Central
Chicago, IL
1993 Award of Excellency    New Hope Baptist Church Anchorage, AK
1994 Producer / Lighthouse Singers of Marin “Sings Steven Roberts”  
Little Willow Records
Sausalito, CA
1995 Producer / Rev. Fleetwood Irving “Pilot Me”
Tandem/South Central
1995 “Key to the City”             Camden, AR
1996  Named National Director of  James Cleveland Gospel Chorus  Phoenix, AZ
1996 Songwriter of the year Southwest Ark. Music Award
1997 Proclamation from the City - Twenty-five years of Service Vallejo, CA
1997 Traveler’s Award           Camden, AR
Awards Received from Northern California Academy of Gospel Music
1977 Best Organist
1978 Best Organist
1980 Best Organist
1981 Best Song “Chariot Is’ A Comin”
1981 Best Organist  
1982 Best Organist
1982 Best Church Choir (Director) - Elisabeth Baptist Church
1982 Best Composer “He’ll Never Let You Down”
1983 Best Organist “Always By My Side”
1983 Best Song 
1984 Best Church Choir (Director) - Elisabeth Baptist Church
1984 Best Composer  “Nobody But Jesus”
1984 Best Organist
1985 Best Organist
1985 Best Director
1986 Best Organist
1986 Best Song “Waymaker”
1986 Best Director Organist
1986 Hall of Fame
1989 Best Church Choir (Director) - Second Baptist Church
1992 Humanitarian Award - Gospel Academy
1993 Spirit of Achievement - 1st Apostolic Church
1994 Most Encouraging Music Minister - Progressive Baptist Church
1995  Best Director - Gospel Academy
1996 Best Song “I am the Way”  - Gospel Academy
1997 30 years in Gospel Music   Vallejo, CA
1998 Best Inspirational Song “Lift him Up” - Union City Apostolic
1999 Celebration 500th Workshop EL Dorado, ARK
1999 NorCal/Producer “Created for Worship”
2000 Special Recognition
2001 AOH Church of God
2001 Best Song "Let's Praise him" Southwest Ark Academy
2002 Pioneer’s Award O I CC
2002 Honoree “A Man & His Music” - MIA Los Angeles
2002 Special Recognition from the City of Los Angeles City Council of Los Angeles, CA
2003 Key to the City/Music contribution  San Mateo, CA
2004 Honoree Recognition/ Life in TGospel Music Gospel Academy/City of Berkeley
2004 Honorary Doctor Degree of Ministry Bell Theological Seminary

 More than 80 Gospel academy nominations since 1977